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I was out for an evening walk at the Great Blue Heron Reserve camera in hand, because of a new obsession with taking photos.  You just never know what you might see!

Normally not much shows up, but every once in a while you are in the right place at the right time.


The trail that runs from the interpretive centre to the east blind splits to form a loop, if you take the trail that turns left to the bridge over the slough there is corner after the bridge.

There were a couple of Stellers jays making a lot of noise and I was wondering what was upsetting them. As I came around the corner this female Bobcat was standing looking at me in the middle of the trail.

The lynx is a bigger animal than the Bobcat and has Tufts on the ears and they usually have a more northerly range so don't confuse the two.

I was surprised and she just stood looking at me and I snapped a few photos. Then she made her way off the trail into the bush.  I kept an eye out as I walked further along, but no sign of her.

After I passed I turned to check behind me and guess what. She had a couple of kittens hidden in the bush right where I had been and sent them down the trail as soon as I passed.

PictureKittens heading for the bridge.

The kittens  were at  the bridge, and  mom was leading them away. 

So of course I tagged along to see if I could get a couple of more shots.

They were around the corner and I just spotted one kitten go into the bush, so I followed along the trail, and spotted him hiding just off the trail. There was a convenient bench right there, so I played it cool and sat down ignoring him.


It didn't take long before he decided it was safe to move and sneaked taking a backward look at me as he headed down the trail to catch up with his family.

The kits were quite big, a really big housecat size, like a main coon cat, if you ever saw one those monsters.

So you just need to be in the right place at the right time, and you too might just spot these guys or somebody else when you visit the Great Blue Heron Reserve.

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