PictureEagle Drying his wings which can span up to 8 feet.
Eaglefest 2015

What is Eaglefest?

Each November, bald eagles migrate to the protected Chehalis river flats, and gather to feast on salmon. The Harrison and Chehalis rivers, connect to the very productive Fraser River.

 All seven species of salmon spawn in the Harrison and Chehalis river. Salmon die after spawning and this is a feeding bonanza for eagles. Eagles migrate all the way from Alaska, because the salmon that they would feed on in Alaska become frozen into the ice and are not accessible.

 The numbers of eagles vary from year to year, but up to 10,000 eagles have been counted in high years.

This has become a very popular event in the last few years. Numerous speakers including David Hancock, an eagle biologist that has studied eagles for over 30 years are onsite to deliver lectures. 

The natives whose territory includes the Chehalis river flats have events, carving and various handicrafts.  Conservation and rescue organizations have birds onsite, that have sustained injuries and cannot be returned to the wild.

This gathering of eagles  has become world famous for photographers, as an opportunity to get some great photos of eagles.

For more information on the event and the report on eagle numbers see this link https://www.facebook.com/fvbef/?fref=ts

For a great writeup in the local paper check this link. http://www.missioncityrecord.com/community/352250121.html?mobile=true#.VlAYjVRxXck.facebook

Our photogalleries following include photos taken in 2015 that are available for purchase - hover over photos for titles. CLICK HERE for purchase information.



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03/05/2017 2:13am

Amazing! I've gone to the Eaglefest and all I can say is that the event was so spectacular. I cannot measure how beautiful this event was. I was so amazed to see how these American national bird migrates. I'm so excited to witness the next Eaglefest this year. I can't wait to see these beautiful birds.

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Very beautiful photos of eagles! Amazing birds! Thanks for your post!

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