Kamloops - Just after Sunrise

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We have visited Kamloops numerous times , it is a  2.5 hour trip  from our home in Chilliwack. We can take a drive have lunch and be back home in the same day providing it is not winter. There are a couple of routes to drive,  In summer we drive Highway 5 ( famous as the Highway to Hell in the discovery TV Series), in winter this road gets a lot of snow and thus the name.

Check this link http://www.discovery.ca/Shows/Highway-Thru-Hell

 We decided to spend a couple of days and visit some places we had never taken  time for. 
 I  like deals, and Tourism Kamloops, has a promotion of a $50.00 prepaid visa if you book a one night stay in one of their listed hotels. So why not take advantage, and spend a couple of nights.

We often stay at Best Western, as we get reward points,but if you book through a third party,  like the Tourism Kamloops offer you can’t also collect points. We use Trip Advisor to look at hotel reviews and this link is for the Best Western in Kamloops.
PictureBest Western Composite photo - double exposure.

The Best  Western is Located over looking the city of Kamloops  and has some nice view rooms if you ask when making reservations.

BC Wild life park

We went  to the wildlife park on arrival in Kamloops,  to look at the collection of local animals. The park is staffed by Volunteers, for more information about the park, and what they do use this link. http://www.bcwildlife.org/default.htm

The Bears were first on our list and we caught the Grizzley marking his territory on a tree, rubbing his back up as high as he could reach on the tree, to show his size. I guess he was worried, about other bears breaking in and challenging him. The Food must be good!

The Lynx was hunting pieces of meat hidden around his enclosure. He  quickly  hunted them all down, and then went back to make sure he hadn’t missed any morsels.
The cougar was on patrol and looking like he was checking for his daily feeding to show up.
The coyotes were on alert and always looking at interesting things outside their enclosure , maybe they had a meal coming soon too.

The birds of prey include, eagles, hawks, and a curious raven. The Raven was interested in the Camera, looking right into the lens and managed to get a grip on the end. Ravens are very smart and I bet he could have that camera in pieces if he had a chance.

We enjoyed a couple of hours walking the nicely laid out grounds, and snapping photos of the bears, cougars, and birds of prey. It was  not a great day, with rain and a cold breeze blowing so we didn’t spend a lot of time. Make a note come on a summer day and enjoy the weather.
We checked in at the hotel and picked up our Prepaid Visa from Tourisim Kamloops. Next was a food, I am a big fan of food.  We found an Indian place,  Goldie,s Flavors of India , that had a good review, and it was just a block down the street

A couple of drinks before dinner was now allowed, and a stroll down to the restaruant - no rain and starting to clear for tomorrows adventures. Goldie's Flavors of India has tasty food, hot enought, but not too hot ( order mild), and the restaurant has a great view of Kamloops.

Adams River
Famous for the sockeye salmon run, the Adams River is about an hour North on Highway 97 near the town of Chase. The turnoff on the highway is well marked, just as you reach the end of Shuswap lake. The Sockeye spawn in the river, and the fry feed and grow in Shuswap lake before making the 450 mile swim to the ocean.

The Sockeye numbers in high return years are over a million fish.The high return years are every 4 years, with the next one in 2018. This year was a low return year which is about 100,000 fish. The fish brave the hazards of the 450 mile swim up the Fraser to the Adams, the river of their birth. 
 A few mature red sockeye were visible in the clear water, mixed in with Chinook and Pink salmon. This year the return was late, due to  warmer water, and lower levels, because of lack of rain.  The Adams is perfect for spawning salmon, with clear water and nice gravel beds.

The yellow and orange leaves of the trees,on the river banks, and the clear green river, became the focus of our photos.

After a few hours enjoying the peace and quiet along the river trails we returned to Kamloops. Shopping was on my wife’s agenda. I enjoyed the time at Blenz coffee, catching  up, on social media and phone calls.

Then we were off to the Best Western for our own happy hour, and to see where we going for dinner.  We decided on one of our favorites, Swiss Chalet for their great rotisserie chicken. Just plain good food at a reasonable price. Using our Tourism Kamloops prepaid visa supporting local business owners.

The next day we were back on the road. We decided on a whim to stop for lunch at the Quilchena hotel  which was one of our most interesting stops. This hotel was built in 1908  as a stop for the stagecoach.  It has real history, a saloon with bullet holes in the walls, and great decor of the era. You can feel the history oozing out of the walls.The food was great, and the beer cold. This place is a do not miss if you find yourself on highway 5a. ( turnoff at Merritt)
Check the facebook link for news on Quilchena https://www.facebook.com/QuilchenaHotelandResort?fref=ts

Then we found out they were doing a Buffet for thanksgiving with a whole barbequed pig, turkey, and everything that goes with it for an incredible price.  How tempting but Chilliwack was calling so down the road we went, from sunshine into a massive rain and wind storm.

Welcome home!


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