The Cascades Range is ahead.

The first view of a Volcanic Peak - WOW!

Heading for Sisters Oregon

Our Oregon road trip continues with more photos, and new places to explore. We  leave, the coast behind, and take, highway 20, climbing the Cascades mountain range. The drive over the Cascades takes you from sea level, and the rainy western slopes, to the high desert, on the eastern side of the Cascades.. The eastern Cascades is in the rain shadow of the mountains and gets an average of 12 inches of rain per year. The Cascades range is  part of the ring of fire, a Volcanic string of peaks that run from northern British Columbia to Northern California.  The last major eruption was Mt St Helens in Washington State in 1980. The geology of this area is dominated by dormant volcanoes, old lava flows, and cinder cones.

There have been a number of large wildfires in the Cascades and the foot hills and the evidence of old fires was evident on our drive. Is this part of what Global warming brings and our future, or just part of the normal fire cycle?. This was a 90,000 acre fire.

Our first stop was Sisters, at a Best Western Motel. The motel was a rustic llog accented structure, on a large property, surrounded with pine trees. There was large ground squirel population,and small llama herd. which made for some entertainment.  Sisters name derives from the three prominent Cascade Peaks that grace the city skyline.

The city location in the foothills of the Cascades was ideal for logging, and Sisters started out as a logging town and had six lumber mills by 1946. The last mill closed in 1963, and tourism has replaced the lumber industry. The great weather, location,and endless opportunities for hiking, fishing, and mountain biking make it a popular destination. The town has a popualtion of just over 2000. The  galleries, shops, craft breweries,and restauants are a big attraction along with the small town, laid back lifestyle. We will be back again to explore more, but after a relaxing night, we were off to Bend Oregon.

Pictures of the Best Western in Sisters. 
Bend Oregon - High Desert.

The last time I was in Bend was 20 years ago. We were looking for logging equipment at a logging equipment show. How times change, the Logging business seems like the remote past. We have been out of the Logging business for 20 years and now Bend is mainly a tourism destination.

Bend is a high desert town with a population of about 80,000 and offers a blend of outdoor activities, award winning restruants, and craft breweries. At an elevation of 3600 ft Bend has cool nights, and 300 warm sunny days per year.The average yearly rainfall is about 12”, so about 1” per month. The daily tempetures in summer are up to the 80’s and  the nights ar in the 60’s. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities , including Mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. The Deschutes river wanders throught the centre of town,and the paved walkway and parks along the river make for a beautiful afternoon or an evening walk.

Pictures of the Deschutes river walk and Sunset on the River. 
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Bend has been dubbed beer town USA and after all those outdoor activities there is nothing better to quench your thirst than a cold beer. If you pick up your beer passport and collect ten stamps the visitors bureau has a free prize for you. You can take beer tours by bus or take the beer cycle tour.

Before leaving Bend, we visited Pilot Butte, which is a volcanic cinder cone located right in the centre of town.The view was great, but I don’t know how I would feel about living that close to where an eruption had taken place.  

The pictures below are from Pilot Butte Looking over the city of Bend. The ridges in the distance are Newberry Volcano.
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This was the preview of our next stop at Newberry Volcanic monument, which rises gradually to 4000 feet south of Bend. The Newberry Volcano appears from Bend as a broad ridge on the horizon. Extending approximately 75 miles north to south and 27 miles east to west, the shield-shaped volcano and its extensive  lava flows cover almost 1,200 square miles, an area about the size of the State of Rhode Island. This is the largest volcano of the Cascades volcanic chain. This giant volcano is unlike a typical Cascade Range cone-shaped volcano (called a “stratocone”), such as South Sister to the west of Bend or Mount Rainier in Washington. Instead, Newberry is a “composite volcano” formed by diverse styles of eruption and has as many as 400 volcanic vents scattered across its slopes. The last eruption was 1300 years ago.It is dorment, but will erupt for sure, sometime in the future. The Volcano is continuously monitored because of the proximity to population centres. We spent the afternoon at Newberry and drove up to Lava Butte Cinder cone for a view over the impressive Lava flows, which seen to go on for ever.

The Lava Butte Cinder Cone at Newberry and the Lava flows and more cinder cones in the distance.
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Our short time in the Bend area left many unexplored attractions, but we had to head back home to Chilliwack, and can’t wait to visit Bend again, and explore more of Oregon’s high desert.


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