PictureAgate beach sunset- Yaquina Head in the distance.
Newport Beach Oregon - Part of the Highway 101 Road Trip.
  • We were on a road trip down coastal highway 101 stopping at some historic coastal port cities on our way  to Bend Oregon.  We spent one night at the Best Western at Agate beach, just north of Newport,  Oregon. It's an older Best Western, but is clean and the view from the room of the ocean and beach, was perfect and we were rewarded with a beautiful pastel sunset.

Newport  is located on Yaquina Bay which has been a safe port of call for sailing vessels since 1856. Newport was  incorporated in 1866, but did not have road access until 1927. 
It became a popular tourist destination in the late 1800's well before there was road access.

These links have more history and historical photos

PictureYaquina Bay Bridge
The Yaquina Bay bridge was completed in 1936 as part of the 1930’s spending by President Roosvelt. 

The government spending on infrastructure helped to get the country back to work in the midst of the great depression.

 The bridge was the last link to complete highway 101.

PictureYaquina Head Lighthouse
The Yaquina bay lighthouse was built in 1871 on the Northwest side of the bay, but only operated until 1873 when it was replaced by the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

 The Yaquina Head lighthouse  is just north of Agate Beach and is the perfect spot to get a scenic view of the coast north and south of Newport.

View South from Yaquina Head to Newport Beach area
Bay St located on Yaquina Bay in Newport is part of the old historic port and was the only area we explored in Newport.  An old district of warehouses, painted murals,, galleries and restaurants on the harbour.Our one night stopover did not allow us time to explore all the interesting attractions in Newport.

 We were looking  for someplace to eat  and seen that there was a Thai restaurant,  M & P Authentic Thai Cuisine on Bay St. 
It was in an old building and didn’t look much from the outside, but they prepared very tasty Thai food with the just the right amount of spice.

After our excellent diner we went for a walk along the harbour board walk and watched some sea lions cruising out the harbour, no doubt looking for dinner.

We will return and spend a couple of days exploring more in Newport on the next trip down Highway 101.
Bay St Murals
Bay St - Historic Area Funky old buildings, galleries, and restaurants


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