Downtown Leavenworth street view
Getting to Bavaria without the airfare.

If you live on the west coast in Canada, or the United States you can be in the best little
Bavarian village, in a couple of hours, with ­no airfare and a scenic road trip over the Cascades. 

We have made the road trip to Leavenworth, Washington several times , but had not been for a couple of years, so we stopped on our way home to Vancouver from Oregon.
We were on our way home to Vancouver from an Oregon trip and stopped to see what was new since our last visit a couple of years ago.
You may have heard of Leavenworth,Washington, but have never visited, go, this is a must see
destination. Leavenworth was a logging town, located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains
that remade itself into a Bavarian village. The loss of the railway and the drop in logging activity
spurred the town to convert over to an alpine theme in the 1960’s and the village took on a new
This village is more Bavarian, than Bavaria in a good way.

You might ask,how many things can there be to do in a village of 2400 residents. This can be a  quick stop for a couple of hours, or a couple of days stay to experience the beauty of Leavenworth
 I guarantee you will be back for more once you find out about this gem.

There are numerous accomodation choices from world class hotels to quaint Bed and
Breakfasts. There are campsites, and an Rv Resort right on the beautiful Icicle river. 
Make sure you book ahead, because Leavenworth is very popular.

For food and drink, two days will give you the opportunity to sample many of the local
establishments. Craft breweries and winery tours are a fun way to spend the afternoon before
you check out local traditional bavarian bakeries and restaurants. Once you get a taste for the
variety of food, you will be back for more.

The town is alive with festivals and recreational opportunities,12 months of the year.
 Don’t miss Oktoberfest for the entertainment and beer, and Christmas to pick up some unique gifts and see the town decorated in all its glory.

Make sure you bring a camera, this is a great destination to take some winning photos.

Take in a day of cross country or downhill skiing in winter. Hiking, mountain biking, and river
rafting are great activities for summer and fall. The fall foliage in the mixed deciduous and evergreen forest is worth the trip for the beauty of the leaves alone.

The taste of Bavaria without the expense, schedule a road trip, and enjoy all that Leavenworth has to offer.

link for Leavenworth information  http://www.leavenworth.org/


10/20/2015 8:49am

It's amazing travel review! Well done! Wish you lot's inspiration and enjoyable travelling!


Man, the picture you have shared its really looking like an imagined picture which is painted by someone. I can’t tell you my feelings while watching the view. As you are saying that you have visiting this place before the couple of years.

05/23/2016 10:51pm

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12/07/2016 5:43pm

My friends are planning to visit this place this Christmas. I am still deciding whether I will join them or stay at home with my aunt. I’ve seen a lot of pictures on the internet and Leavenworth is full of life. With lots of holiday lights and Christmas decorations in the village, it’s a magical sight. A must-see place before we go back to reality once the year ends. No wonder my friends are very excited and are looking forward to our Christmas break.

02/22/2017 4:11am

I will definitely visit this village this year. I love these photos. I've heard about this place before.


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05/22/2017 12:39am

The weather seems quite pleasant on that place.


Such a lovely mountains view it is in the above click.

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