PictureSunrise across the prairies.
We visited our daughter and her husband in Alberta recently on their farm.

Farm life is different than city life, different priorities,  and more work than city life. We live in the city and our daughter and husband have a small five acre parcel in Alberta. It’s  a hobby farm, but the amount of work involved is surprising. Just like a regular home with property and more animals, which means more work. That being said it is a great lifestyle.

PictureKnox - 260 pounds of male English Mastiff. - A gentle giant!
They have  a kennel for boarding dogs and also raise English Mastiffs which they show and sell, which could be a full time job.  They have also acquired some goats, llamas, and chickens. Goats and Llamas produce more goats and llamas and this can get out of hand. Then you realize, why they were free.


The Llamas
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They sell raw food for dogs and Jennifer my daughter, took a nutrition course for dogs, and found time to write a book, "The Inner Carnivore", on feeding dogs raw.  An excellent book if you have an interest the link is below.


Besides the farm they both have full time jobs, so when they sleep I am not sure.

They live close to Camrose just southeast of Edmonton and one thing is that it is really flat, they have a few humps, but we miss the mountains when we are there. You can see the weather coming a long ways away and they do have some great sunrises and sunsets.

Everyplace has good and bad.
Fred the cat on Mouse patrol
The farm life can be laid back when all the work is done and the lifestyle seems pretty nice.

 We enjoyed our time, but it was over and we returned our rental Rv,( our home away from home) back to Canadream in Calgary and headed back to city life.


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Life on the farm goes slower by the rate but more funnier !

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Good life, on the farm.


Would love to visit that farm.

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