PicturePark Sign with layout of the park.
Dinosaur provincial park was declared a world heritage site by the united nations recognizing the diverse fossil record found here. More species of dinosaurs  have been discovered than any other location of the same size.  Fossils of more than 500 species of plants and animals and over 40 kinds of dinosaurs have been excavated.

The rock layers tell the story of what this area looked like 75 million years ago: a wide coastal plain with a moist climate influenced by the nearby Bearpaw sea. The wetlands, meadows, and forests offered an environment suitable for an amazing diversity of life.

The Badlands have attracted dinosaur hunters since the 1890’s and today the excavations continue, to try and better understand the connections between the past and our present

PictureView of the badlands from the park entrance.
Native Americans have frequented the badlands in the past as evidenced by a stone circle at the park entrance which was used to anchor the edges of bison hide tipi’s. There is a lack of firewood and water at this  site so their stay would have been short. Why they may have traveled here nobody knows, it could have been a stop in a yearly migration following bison herds. Maybe they also appreciated the view over the landscape as we do today.


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The Campsite at Dinosaur at Sunrise.
Sunrise over the Badlands
The Little Sandy River - runs through the badlands and the campsite.
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Look closely at this image and you will see lots of small bright dots in the air. It was not rain or snow or bad photography, it was thousands of mosquitoes who were getting a last good meal before winter. Take bug repellant if you going in the fall. We hit a bad year and they were viscious.

Don't let that stop you from checking out this great destination it is well worth the trip and also make a stop at The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.



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04/29/2016 1:06pm

Awesome pictures man, you just captured the whole world. I can’t express my feeling after seeing those pictures. You are done this in very well way. Especially the view of Little Sandy River - runs through the badlands and the campsite.

07/02/2016 9:06pm

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10/16/2016 9:09am

Wow, it's a beatifil provincial park. I hope I will visit it someday. These photos are great.

02/18/2017 2:08pm

The park is very stunning! I hope I can visit there with my children. They will surely love this park. Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures. I can't wait to see this real soon.


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