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Kamloops and Sun Peaks

We just returned from an overnight trip to Kamloops and Sun Peaks resort on Tod mountain.  Kamloops is about a three hour drive from our home in Chilliwack including time for a stop halfway in Merritt for a snack.
There are plenty of activities and several routes to access  various resorts , and lakes on this trip. This could be a two day trip or a week  spending time at a number of resorts for fishing, trail riding, camping, and boating.

For historical information on Kamloops check out this link

Our goal was for a couple of days away and to check out the hiking that is accessible from the Chair lift at Sun Peaks. We checked in at a Best Western plus in Kamloops and then drove the hour out to Sun Peaks. There are plenty of hotels and lodges at the Sun Peaks village, a very popular winter ski area.
We wanted to get our third night stay at Best Western use up a $25 reward card we received, and earn a free night on their summer rewards program. Yeah, now we have a free night for the next adventure.

PictureMid Mountain station at 6000 ft elevation.
Sun Peaks turned out to be a fun spot, and like a lot of ski resorts they now operate all year, with mountain biking, golf, and water-sports, like canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. For all the details check this link.


There are a number of hikes of various distances from 1.3 km and longer,trails are in alpine meadows, and seemed fairly easy.  We are not in great shape, but slow and steady, wins the race.

Trail view
Click on the gallery pictures below for the captions
As you can see from our gallery photos there are interesting animals, wildflowers and gentle
 trails.The views are inspiring, and sitting looking  into the distance can be an afternoon activity.

 Bring sunblock and bug repellent, we saw a few mosquitoes, but they weren't a real problem. Make sure you have adequate water to sustain your hiking activity. 

The best part is once you buy your lift ticket you can ride up and down as many times as you want, so head back to the village for a beer if you really get a thirst up and ride back to the top and enjoy the view some more. This is my kind of hiking.

A great time was had and we will be back again!


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