PictureCrown Point - The view looking east down the Columbia Gorge.
We are driving east on highway 14 from Vancouver Washington through the Columbia Gorge. This is a stunning drive, the Colmbia River, blue in the gorge and the snow covered volcanic peaks of Mt Rainer in Washington, and Mt Hood in Oregon dominate the landscape.  The Columbia Gorge is the border between Washington and Oregon cutting a gash through the cascades up to 4000 ft in depth. The gorge was cut out of the basalt and lava flows by erosion of the river over the last 17 million years. Floods from ice dams that broke during the last ice age roared over Washington and Oregon. flowing at over 130 km per hour transforming the landscape.  
 See this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missoula_Floods

 Stevenson Washington is about 40 km from Vancouver Washington and the gorge narrows, and is spanned by the Bridge of the Gods toll bridge($ 2.00) to cross to Cascade Locks, Oregon.
We had  a room reserved  at the Cascade locks Best Western which is right on the river. Make sure to request a riverside room for the best view. Next door  there is a burger place with a riverside patio, a great place to savour a drink and burger and watch the river traffic.

The next day we headed back along Scenic Byway historic highway 30 to Portland. We made the trip early in the day and were shooting  photos of the many waterfalls directly into the sun. Make a note, do this drive later in the day, to get the best shots of all the falls. There are lots of hikes so this 30 miles of highway could be an all day trip if you want to do some hiking.

The Bonneville dam and fish hatchery were the next stop, we only had time to check out the fish hatchery, but there is a tour of the dam that would be on our list to take in next time we visit this area. The fish hatchery raises up to 11 million rainbow trout. There is a display pond with rainbow  trout up to 20 pounds and millions of immature trout, being raised in the rearing ponds. Then there is the Sturgeon habitat,with Herman, over 10 feet long and seventy years old. This might be the only way to see a large sturgeon swimming, close up, through the underwater viewing windows.

The view at Crown Point Vista is impressive and the steady wind down gorge makes this area a popular wind surfers destination. We could see some of the colorful sails on the river below. I was feeling a little vertigo taking pictures over the sheer drop of the gorge below. It was time to move on so we could get out to the Oregon coast for our next hotel stop.
Check out this drive, a not to be missed experience, and check out our next post on the Oregon coast.



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