Shopping for an RV that would be just right for us has been an interesting adventure. Our first experience with an RV was renting a Class C as discussed in our first post. We had a great time and thought that an x rental class c would be a good option. Once we looked and a little closer and looked at the storage space on the class c, it wasn't really enought room for us for full time living.

Our budget only allowed for a used RV and we didn't want to get hit with the first year depreciation, so we we looked at used Class C rentals from Canadream, but decided that it just wouldn't work for us because of the room. The x rentals were in great shape, had full maintenance records and well priced, but just didn't have the room for all our stuff!

Over the years we have been going to the Snowbird RV show at the Tradex at Abbotsford and looking online at all the RV options. We could see that a Class A would be great, but we couldn't find one that was in our price range. Looking online we found an x rental Class A at Fraserview RV. The model was the Thor Ace 30.1 is 29 ft with two slides and plenty of wardrobe room, kitchen storage, and basement storage.  See the website here.

We had decided that this would be the size of rv we would like, but still had some reservations about the price. Time was getting short until I was to start up my Tax Planning Business for the year and in the end we decided to rent an apartment for now,and start to look again after the end of  Tax season around about the middle of May.

So the search continues the saga will be continued!


09/30/2014 12:21am

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