The Fort Winery
The Fort Winery - Langley, BC, Canada

This is  fruit winery producing wine from  fruit grown locally in the Fraser Valley.  The wines we like the best are Cranberry, and Blueberry. They produce a variety of wines from dry to sweet ice wines to appeal to all tastes.

The winery has new owners and will be expanding to produce a growing variety of wines that will be geared to the asian export market. Check out more information on their web site or Facebook page.

Ice Wines


04/15/2016 12:49pm

This is a beautiful place to visit my friends are there to celebrate their birthdays so I can know about the exact of this place. I remember that this place has all those things which we are looking for the birthdays gifts.


This winery producing wine from fruit grown locally in the Fraser Valley. and they really have a great variety of wine for tasting. Wish to taste their wine soon.

06/21/2017 12:52am

The innovation of wines is really hitting the market. In the ancient times only grapes are the known fruit fittest to be produced as wine. Now, there are different fruits that can be selected to be produced as wine. Apples, strawberries and blueberries are now used. Different flavored wines are hitting the market now and a lot of people are loving it.

03/15/2017 3:29pm

I think this is the best place ever! I love wines! Wines is always on my diet. It makes me more healthier because of the antioxidants it contains. I will surely drop by this weekend to buy some. And will recommend your site to all of my friends who also loves wine. Thank you for sharing this good news!

04/04/2017 8:44am

This is a fantastic place for planning a visit with friends.


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