PictureEntrance to the Food Adventure

Krause Berry farms is a lot more than just a berry farm. They specialize in everything to do with Berries, they have Berry wines,  Berry Pies, and Waffles with berries and whipped cream, its a food adventure.  They have lots of free samples so you can check out the products before you buy.

PictureFudge bar.
Then there is the Fudge, which is creamy, and rich. We purchased Grand Marnier, Strawberry Margarita, Caramel, and Chocolate, and now we just have to keep going back, because they have dozens of other flavors.

They have blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries fresh from the field., U pick if you like or just buy them already picked. We have had blueberries and strawberries and they were fresh and tasty.

PicturePies and More Pies

There are rows of coolers full of every kind of Berry pie. We bought a Strawberry Rhubarb and a Blueberry pie, they were excellent, chock full of fresh fruit and just the right sweetness. We will be back for more!

PictureThe Wine Bar
The winery has a really cool wine bar for tasting, with saddles for seats. Oh, Giddy up, Wine tasting is $4.00 which is waived if you purchase a bottle.  Who could resist  Blueberry or Blackberry wine, or maybe a Sparkling strawberry or a Raspberry desert wine, fill up your saddle bag and hit the trail. ( you will get it if you go!)

We ordered a  lunch at the wine bar, with a Yummy Garden Panini and ice cold Blueberry Wine-arita, wine mixed with a lemon lime slushy. We  relaxed at a real wood table in the u pick flower garden where they served our lunch, It was a perfect sunny afternoon and a perfect lunch surrounded by flowers and buzzing bees.

PictureHeather with part of the haul!

Are you Interested in a cooking class? Sign up with Wolfgang Schmelcher,  recognized as one of the best 18 chefs in the world. How about a pasta workshop, a 4 course french bistro dinner or one of the other 10 classes he offers.

This farm is for the kids too, with a petting zoo and a playground to let them burn off some energy.

I don’t know how we missed this destination over the years, but now we have found it is going to be hard to bypass if we are in the Langley area.

see the map attached and go to  http://www.krauseberryfarms.com/ and sign up to get information about special events they have during the year.

see the map attached  , the address is 6179 248th Street, Langley, BC, Canada,    go to http://www.krauseberryfarms.com/ and sign up to get information about special events they have during the year

The Fort Winery
The Fort Winery - Langley, BC, Canada

This is  fruit winery producing wine from  fruit grown locally in the Fraser Valley.  The wines we like the best are Cranberry, and Blueberry. They produce a variety of wines from dry to sweet ice wines to appeal to all tastes.

The winery has new owners and will be expanding to produce a growing variety of wines that will be geared to the asian export market. Check out more information on their web site or Facebook page.

Ice Wines


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