Image edited in light room - using dehaze tool, and split toning for color adjustment. - Fraser river on a foggy day.
Photography - links and info - keep on learning

This article provides links and information on photography that have helped me become a better photographer.

I am  a semiretired  financial planner and tax preparer, and I have  6 months of the year to work at my new passion of photography.  I am approaching 70 years old and wish I had started this much earlier in life. Three years ago,  I started  with a bridge camera,(see  review  below)  and then bought a Nikon D 5300  DSLR and photography took over my life.

When I am not busy with something interesting, I get bored. Photography always provides new things to learn and new challenges.  My interest in nature, exploring, and travel, along with photography is great combination. I saw some people walking with a set of binoculars and looking for birds, and I could not figure how why they wouldn’t have a camera to record their day' and the birds they saw. With digital photography, once you have the photo gear, and a computer you can shoot a lot of photos for very little cost.

A site which I find very useful for all sorts of free  information on beginning photography, editing and  photography gear is.   https://www.photographytalk.com/profile   They allow you to set up a free site and participate in the contests they host.

Two other sites which you can check out for contests and free photo galleries are https://gurushots.com/       and   http://www.viewbug.com/photo-contests

One more site is Wix. The photos come out very nice on this site - big full screen shots that look amazing.

Editing your photos is  a necessary part of photography. What your eye sees is not usually what the camera sees, some adjustment of color, contrast, and exposure is often needed just to make the photo look like what you saw.
 I started editing using  lightroom,  and have done some editing on Photoshop, but the learning curve for photoshop is steep. Lightroom will do most of what you require. The subscription to Lightroom and photoshop combined on a monthly basis runs about $14.00cdn and it is well worth the cost. It is priced in US$ which means it will most likely increase with the way our dollar is going!
Check it out on the adobe site.

A great resource for editing, training, and other general photography information is the book  “ Lightroom 5 - training for photographers” by Tony Northrup. If you buy the book or better yet put it on your Birthday list, you also get access to his video training on youtube and updates to the book online. The Book was $24.99 when someone bought it for me. I have relied on this and his utube channel for most of what I have learned about editing. http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00Q7O0K3A/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb


Your own website
Creating your website using   www.weebley.com  - a drag and drop website builder is not overly difficult if you have the time to spend on it. I find it easy to modify and change and it was a good learning experience.
 Flickr is a good site to see your photos in high resolution, and get feedback from your fellow photographers and the public by the comments and likes. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dflee/

 I hope some of this information is helpful and, above all get out and shoot lots of photos. The more you shoot the better you get.



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