A few years ago we purchased a Mcgregor 26x and after a year we sold the boat it was hard to resist making a profit on the boat and sailing for a year for free. These are the posts. 

Nautilus Blog
Nov 27 2009 - Brrrrrrh!
The day dawned with the sunshowing it's face. BC has had a record rainfall for November so this was  a day to take advantage of and get some boat time in. 

I arrived at the Marina at 11 AM and figured on some sailing but again there was very little wind, considering the tempeture was about 6C,that was most likley not a bad thing. So I motored up the lake at 2500 rpm and about 6 knots. The plan was to go a beach area I had not explored about 16 k up the lake. At about 2:00 and still not quite where I planned,the clouds had started to roll in at the south end of the lake where the Marina is, the tempeture was dropping as the sun was being blocked out and it felt like time to turn for home. I decided enought with the 6 knots, lifted the rudders and kicked the Tohatsu up to wide open to drain the ballast and headed for home. It is great to have a Mac or what. Now making 14 knots, it was getting a little chilly to say the least, but the GPS said I had only an hour to endure at this speed. Time to grit your teeth and go for it!!!!!!.
The wind had also picked up and a little spray was coming over the boat. Boy the full enclosure or at least the wide dodger looks like a good option at about that time. Oh well summer will come back and then this would be agreat way to cool off after a long day in the hot sun, keep thinking positive is my moto!
I arrived back in the Marina and got Mac all secured with a number of extra lines and bumpers, prepared for a blow, just in case I don't get out for while. It really is getting a bit cool for this boating thing at his time of year. The old body was feeling a bit numb and stiff by the time this day was out. I plan to use the boat as much as possible and a cold day on the boat still beats hanging out at home!!

Nov 27 2009 - Coool day

November 11/09 - Scout camp bay

This was another overcast November day with the tempeture hovering around 10 C, but not a breath of wind. I started out from the Marina at 11:00 pulled out some lunch from home and motored up the lake. A good day for motoring and some quiet time on the boat. There is a beach about 5 miles up on the west side I have dubbed Scout Camp Bay. The boy scouts have a cabin in the bay they use.

 I always have the fly rod on the boat and anchored and tried a few casts in off the creek that runs into the bay. The only sign of  fish were some salmon spawning on the beach in front of the creek. The salmon are in pretty bad shape after the trip up the Fraser and Harrison River. It is surprising that salmon do continue up the 40 miles of Harrison Lake to the Lillooet River to Spawn.
I also have been reading that there are crayfish in lakes and rivers in BC and they can be caught in prawn traps, so I also gave that a try, but with no luck.

 I decided to try picking up some wind to sail back to the Marina, but it was a lost cause. There was not enought wind to fill the sails and the 1 knot I was making according to the GPS was not cutting it, so it was back to motoring. The sun was dropping behind the snow covered mountains and the tempeture was dropping. A full cockpit enclosure would be nice if I plan to continue to use the boat over the winter. For now I guess picking some days when the sun is showing itself will have to do.
It  was a great day, finished off with a glass of wine tied up at the Marina!!!! 

Salmon Spawning Harrison Lake

MacGregor26x 1998 - New to us.

November 06 2009
This is the first post  to log our sailing trips with our new to us 1998 Macgregor 26 x swingkeel sailboat.
The boat was acquired in Sept of this 2009, after a few months of looking and learning about the boats. The process was a bit frustrating as MacGregors are very popular and every time we found one that looked good it was gone before we even got to see it. We finally found one that was the right price and in not bad condition, and as a bonus the owner had redone the trailer which is in perfect condition after all his work.  The engine is the original 50 hp Tohatsu and seems to run okay and will do for now. The idea was to get the boat earlier in the year and use it over the summer, but that didn't work out. 
We have now had a chance to get the boat out a fair number of times in conditions from flat calm to 20 knot plus winds.  I have had boats of various kinds since I was about 6 years old so I am very familiar with evrything associated with the water. The whole sailing thing is new since I have never had a sailboat, and we are learning as we go. It has been interesting and I think we now have a fairly good handle on what we are doing. 
So now we are starting a blog which will be an online log to track our adventures with the new boat which we see many of the contributors at http://www.macgregorsailors.com/ have done with some very professional looking results so here we go and we look forward to sharing our adventures.



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