Canmore- Alberta - Canadream Rental
We rented from Canadream in Calgary,  stayed at our daughters farm in Camrose Alberta, and then travelled Alberta, We  ended up in Canmore, and stayed for two days.  This scenic town, in the foothills of the rockies, surrounded by the mountains, with crystal clear mountain air is truly the most beautiful spot.

The Rv was a perfect place to stay while we were at our daughters farm as she raises Mastiffs and with the all the dogs and people it can get a bit crowded.
Canadream provides a total package, just bring your personal items and you're set for a great holiday.

Renting from Canadream was a great experience from the streamlined sign in and pickup until we delivered the unit back, and it was one of their "Hot Deals" , so the price was really affordable.

We were bit  by the Rv bug after this and are now looking  to buy and go full time . Canadream has some great deals on used rental units. 
More to come on this when we purchase.

Parked on the farm in Camrose, Alberta